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Organised Trips

Our themed itineraries bring the territory to life! Travel by boat, by car, on foot, by bike… classical, original and unusual… relax in the midst of nature, culture, art, tradition and fine wines and food, all in an area waiting to be discovered.

Cultural itineraries leading to the discovery of the artistic treasures in Campania and Cilento, enogastronomical routes discovering speciality dishes and the wines of Campania and Cilento, a walk in the heart of nature with the most beautiful sea and mountain scenery – the more adventurous can deviate off the beaten tracks… there are cooking, cultural and language courses… special events, exhibitions and fests… and individualised itineraries on request.

You could choose to discover the world of the ancient Greeks, to savour the marine atmosphere whilst on a boat trip, to follow the road to flavours and traditions, to go for a walk into the woods to find the local flora and fauna, to enjoy the challenge of a bicycle trip along the ups and downs of the hinterland mountains with their wonderful sea views… the choice is embarrassing!

These are just a few of our organised itineraries, some of which are seasonal; for an update and/ or personalised request for individuals and groups, please contact us…